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We are revamping our Classifieds as well as expanding our service area for more exposure for our clients. Our new website is changing to - our name is classifieds are affiliated with a successful equine web based classifieds network. All Breeds, All Disciplines, Easy To Use Equine Classifieds. Our Classifieds helps you to buy, sell, or promote your horse. When you list with us, your ad will appear on up to 18 Affiliate Classifieds Websites. Another benefit - we're in your time zone.

We offer Unlimited ad packages, Free Text Ads, Photo Ads, Stallion at Stud, and YouTube Video Ads. We never charge to change your photos. Search all breeds, all disciplines, all 50 states. We also promote on Like us on FaceBook. To view, or to directly to the classifieds.

Details of our ads and packages:

Free: Free Text Ads (Horses for Sale and Stallion at Stud).

Basic: $17.99 (runs for 120 days, 3 images)

Enhanced: $29.99 (runs for 120 days, 10 images)

Premium: $49.99 (runs for 120 days, 10 images, Unlimited YouTube Video)

Stud: $89.99 (RUNS FOR 1 YEAR, 10 images, Unlimited YouTube Video)

Farm Packages: Packages as low as $199.99 - Runs for 1 FULL YEAR. Each ad includes 10 images, Unlimited YouTube Video. See below more details.

Farm & Ranch Packages include the following great benefits:

Package Features:

  • Two Featured Stallion or Featured Horse For Sale ads
  • Stallion will be placed on the home page in the "Featured Stallion" section
  • Each ad includes up to 10 photos and Unlimited YouTube Video
  • Link to your Farm or Ranch website
  • Place and manage your ads and photos, 24/7/365 through your dashboard
  • Change pictures for FREE - never a charge to change your photos
  • Ads viewed on 18 Affiliate Sites.

Contact Us:

Bonnie Davee


Or E-Mail